Gabriella Gomez-Mont: Director, City Laboratory of Mexico City

Guru BanavarWith one of the most complex and fascinating cities in the whole world as playground, Gabriella directs “Laboratorio para la Ciudad*, Mexico City`s new creative think-tank and experimental space: a place to reflect about all things city, and ponder social scripts and urban futures for the largestmegalopolis on the American continent: from the speculative (even outlandish) to the practical.

This project came about through a personal invitation by Dr. Miguel Angel Mancera–Mexico City`s newly elected and liberal Mayor–to incorporate “Laboratorio para la Ciudad” into the city`s official structure for the next 6 years. This novel initiative will support creativity and civic innovation through the different layers of both government and social-space, intermingled. Looking to imagine new urban (im)possibilities, further collaboration and discover provocative ways of both thinking and creating city, Laboratorio brings people together from different sectors and disciplines (urbanists, artists, scientists, architects, government officials, sociologists, economists et al). It also induces conversations throughout different platforms, invents and implements pilot programs, creates editorial projects plus other initiatives and strategies: all with the aim of injecting good ideas into the city`s system. In sum, this city lab places imagination at the center of community discourse, and searches for new solutions to social issues even as it satisfies creative impulses.

In addition to directing Laboratory for the City, Gomez-Mort is a multilingual writer, visual artist, dcoumentary film director, cultural advisor and arts curator. She has also founded several projects such as Toxico Cultura, Cine Abierto and Laboratorio Curatorial 060, for which she has won several international awards and recognitions such as the Prince Claus Fund (Holland), First Place of the Best Art Practice Award (Italy), IMCINE National Film Grant (Mexico), plus is also a City 2.0 TED Prize grant awardee. Gabriella is a Fabrica ex alumni, a TED Senior Fellow and a Yale World Fellow.