Pierre-Gerlier Forest: President & CEO, The Trudeau Foundation


Prior to joining the Trudeau Foundation, Pierre-Gerlier Forest was an Assistant Deputy Minister with Health Canada, the Canadian federal Ministry of Health, where he was first appointed to the G.D.W. Cameron Chair (2003) before becoming Chief Scientist (2004-2006).

Well known for his work in the areas of health policy and the governance of health care organizations, PG Forest also held the position of Director of Research, Commission of the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow Commission). He spent most of his academic career at Universite Laval, in Quebec City, where he was Professor of policy analysis and public management with the Department of Political Science (1990–2007).

PG Forest obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science at Universite Laval (1984) and a PhD. in History and Socio-Politics of Science at Universite de Montreal (1989). In the years following his post-doctoral studies (Manchester Business School), several governments and numerous organizations have called on his expertise, particularly in the areas of health system reform and knowledge management.

PG Forest also holds adjunct professorships with the Faculty of Medicine, Universite de Montréal and the National School for Public Administration (Quebec).